Which of the following is a not a type of organizational information system?

QuestionAnswer Data can be described as raw symbols Data that has been processed into something useful is information What is the difference between data and information? data is raw and is converted to information once it has been processed Knowledge can be best described as information that is applied to some decision or action Wisdom involves using knowledge for the greater good When considering data, information, knowledge and wisdom as a hierarchy, which of these is deeper and more uniquely human? wisdom the hardware, software and media used to store, organize, retrieve and communicate information is known as information technology what is information technology the hardware, software, media used to store, organize, retrieve and communicate information What is the hardware, software and media used to store. organize, retrieve and communicate information called? information technology Information systems enable users to connect and process data to help with management decision making two important concepts that are framed by understanding the DIK hierarchy are connectedness and usefulness _____ combines bits of data giving the data some context and meaning connecting data elements to be useful, information is _____ and _____ which leads to knowledge interpreted, applied The ability to efficiently and effectively determine what information is needed, then access, evaluate, use, and manage that information in an ethical manner is information literacy What are the three main purposes that all business use information for communications, process support, and decision-making A set of coordinated activities that lead to a specific goal or outcome is known as business process Decision making involves choosing alternatives. Making this choice requires information about the alternatives Individuals in information systems careers design, build, support or manage information systems People in _____ careers use systems to retrieve, report on and analyze information contained in systems information analysis Which part of an "information system" is the most critical the information What is believed to be the most critical skill for the future information literacy ____ is a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior communication Which of the following is information that is applied to some decision or aciton knowledge Which of the following refers to using knowledge for the greater good? wisdom ____ enable users to connect and process data to help with management decision making information systems An information is a combination of _____, ______, ______, and processes technology, data, people An information system is directed towards the ____, ______, _______, organization retrieval and communication of information connection, manipulation, storage A set of interacting components, working together to form a complex, integrated whole in order to achieve some goal by taking inputs and processing them to produce outputs is known as a system A _____ is an element of a system. For example, a television might be a part of a home entertainment system component _____ can take many different forms ranging from human organs to computer software components The goal of a system is achieved by ______ taking inputs and processing them to produce outputs The process by which a system regulates itself by monitoring its own output is ___ feedback An open system is a system that interacts with its environment A subsystem is a system that is part of a larger system _____ is the idea that in an open system there are many different paths to the final outcome equifinality ____ is a set of functions intended to ensure the proper operation of a system control What is the most important component of any information system people It is important to realize that an information system does not require a computer Information systems include the following operations input, processing, storage, output, control What are the six critical elements of an information system data, hardware, software, communication media, procedures, people Operating systems such s windows and linux are examples of what type of software systems software while using word processing software to type your paper for an English course you realize you are actually using _____ software to complete your work application While waiting tables at a local restaurant, your last table ordered steak, lobster, and two soft drinks. Which elements of the restaurant information system would these items most likely be data ____ serves as facts that re manipulated by the system to produce information data The ____ performs computations, stores the data and software used by the system, displays information and provides the platform for users to interact with the system hardware The _____ controls the operation of the computer, including how the data are retrieved, manipulated and communicated software When sitting at the coffee shop on campus, you connect to the wireless network so that you can research a project for management class. What element of an information system is the wireless connection? communication media A statement that defines or constrains an aspect of a business with the intent of controlling behaviors within the business is called a business rule while placing an order on amazon.com for your favorites movie, you find that you are not able to add the DVD to your cart because no more DVDs are in inventory. This is an example of ____ in action business rule What are the four categories of change that information systems enable within an organization? process improvements, automation, control, information flow online course registration and ATMs are an example of custom self service Online registration verifies that you meet all prerequisites of a particular course before you can successfully register for the course. This information system is using ____ to ensure business rules are followed control To purchase office supplies for your office, a request is made for supplies in an info system. if the order is approved, what type of organization change has this information system allowed for? information flow Every two weeks you receive a paycheck at work. Your pay is based on the hours that you have tracked. At the end of the pay period the hours worked for everyone are gathered and processed. what type of information system is this transaction processing system A thermostat reaches a certain temperature and sends a signal to the air conditioner to begin cooling the room. sending the signal to the air conditioner is known as what? control ____ controls the operation of the computer, including how the data are retrieved, manipulated, and communicated software Which of the following is not a way that information systems help businesses cope with the ever-increasing amount of information they eliminate the human component from the system When filling up with gas today, most ppl complete their entire transaction at the pump. What type of organizational change has this information system allowed for? automation ____ refers to the structured, electronic transmission of data between organizations electronic data interchange ____ refers to a set of devices and protocols that enable computers to communicate with each other communication media What is the systematic determination of the merit and worth of information information evaluation In business, we often use information to reduce uncertainty One study estimated that on average bad information costs businesses up to ____ of their revenue 10% The most uncertainty there are may be around a decision, the more _____ we seek to reduce that uncertainty information All of the following are tips for evaluating an applicant's resume except hire a company to conduct background searches on all of your applicants ____ is being faces with more information than we can effectively process information overload Which of the following is not a reason that manages gather information to maintain unsolicited information what are two strategies for dealing with information overload filtering and withdrawal Disconnecting yourself from information sources such as email, web, and TV is known as withdrawing while researching a paper for history class, you become completely overwhelmed with your search in library. Google is not good, so you only use database devoted history articles. What stratgery for dealing with info overload can be be compared too? filtering Using filtering as a strategy to deal with information overload requires determining what information you may need and what information merits attention What term is used to describe information that is appropriate for its intended use information quality Which of the following describes a situation that uses bad information as the bassi for a decision, resulting in making a bad decision garbage in, garbage out Which quality dimension includes dimensions of quality that are important regardless of the context or how the information is represented intrinsic Contextual dimensions of information quality include which of the following relevant, timely, complete, current In order to properly register for classes for next semester, the university makes available a course schedule that is updated in real time. This is the most similar to the _____ dimension of information quality timely A survey conducted in 2005 found that the State of Louisiana was the happiest state in the US. The survey was the completed before Katrina destroyed most of the New Orleans. The information quality for this survery is portably not current Wikipedia is a collaborative website that defines terms and provides information on many different subjects. It is not a peer reviewed site. Because of this wikipedia probably lacks ____ information quality accurate Considering information quality costs, when purchasing which of the following would you most likely want to consider "high quality" information new office building According to the evaluation framework for information quality within the text, information must be _____ and _____ useful, believable Your research for a paper on the US involvement in conflicts in Southwest Asia has led you to US involvement on conflicts in Eastern Europe. This information should not be considered to be _____ when identifying its usefulness relevant When information is at the degree that is applicable and useful for the task at hand, it is considered to be relevant If you are seeking information related to rapidly evolving topics, such as information technology, you may need information that is very up-to-date. What aspect of usefulness would likely be requred currency What is the degree to which information is correct and free from error? believable What type of publication generally has credibility peer-reviewed journals Which of the following is not an advantage to the amount of readily accessible information available online? there is no quality control to the information online Which of the following is not a problem caused by information overload it provides justification for decisions Which information quality dimension refers to the concern for how information is provided to the user? representational Which of the following does not make up the intrinsic dimension of quality complete Which of the following does not make up the contextual dimension of quality understandable Yahoo! Finance provides stock quotes that are 15 minutes delayed. For which reason would this delay be unacceptable to a professional sock day-trader current You are trying to make a decision about what new computer to buy. In the process you find a website put together by Dell computer. For which reason would you be hesitant to accept this information? objective When evaluating information what question should you consider first? is the information useful? As part of a work project, you are asked to research a new product. In the process you may find a report by a high school student about the product of interest. You divide the info is not useful. Which of the following reasons led u to make this decision> The information was not appropriate Assessing the comprehensiveness of information requires assessing the _____ and the _____ of the information breadth and depth

What are the 4 types of information systems?

What Are The Types Of Information Systems?.
Knowledge Work System. ... .
Management Information System. ... .
Decision Support System. ... .
Office Automation System. ... .
Transaction Processing System. ... .
Executive Support System..

Which of the following is not an information system?

Database management system is not a class of information system applications.

How many types of information systems are there?

Six Major Types of Information Systems.

Which of the four major types of information systems most valuable to an organization?

Transaction processing systems are at the most foundational and basic level of information systems for a business organisation.